Lead paint

Beware of lead paint when renovating

Everyone knows about asbestos, but it’s surprising how few people realise how much of a risk lead paint can be – and just how common it is in older Australian homes.

How to fix a leaking tap

How to fix a leaking tap

Most of the time, if a tap in your home is leaky, dripping or hard to close it's the result of a broken washer. While it's possible that your leaking tap's a 'washerless' tap (i.e. one with a ball, cartridge or ceramic disc mechanism - see the 'Types of taps' article linked below), it's a lot less likely that these taps will be leaking like this. You can usually tell if you have a ceramic disc type tap because it'll only need a quarter or half turn to fully open the tap.

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Choose the right tradespeople for your renovations

Choose the right tradespeople for your renovations

There are plenty of builders and contractors available – and while just finding some contractors for your renovations isn’t necessarily hard, there’s a bit more of an art to locating people you can really trust and properly communicate with.

Light globes

Light globes and colour temperatures

Different globes give off different colours and 'temperatures' of light, which can affect the look and feel of your home.


Door and window design

Doors and windows are easily the weakest links in your home when it comes to passive design. Find out how you can control heat gain, heat loss and air infiltration through and around doors and windows.