Make your space stand out with Slate Tiles

25 November 2021

Thinking of an alternate way to bring your indoor and outdoor space to life? Slate Tiles is an underrated option that can transform your space effortlessly. The metamorphic rock has fine grains of clay and volcanic ash that form beautiful and tough layers. Here is why you should choose Slatestone for your property and watch the magic unfold. 

  1. Naturally beautiful- Get the look of natural stone and gorgeous textures with Slatestone. No two tiles would be the same. Their unique colours and patterns formed due to the volcanic effect and presence of minerals make the space eye-catching.  
  2. Incredibly durable- Slatestone is known for its density and extreme sturdiness. Since they are less likely to break or crack under heavy footfall, they are perfect for busy places.   
  3. Low maintenance- Being a natural stone, Slate is porous and needs to be sealed occasionally. Once sealed, the tiles become completely waterproof and easy to maintain. Their colours do not fade even in direct sunlight and are hard to stain.  
  4. Not easy to stain- Slate Tiles are surprisingly anti-acidic, meaning they do not react to spills or strong chemicals. The non-porous surface barely absorbs water, minimizing the chances of staining. With periodic sealing, they become more robust and need less care.  
  5. Anti-slip- Slatestone has a naturally riven texture that contributes to its slip-resistance property. The non-polished version is non-slippery and great for wet places like the bathroom, pool surrounds, patio, or veranda, preventing unfortunate slipping hazards.  
  6. Sustainable- The production of Slatestone Tiles has a low impact on the environment. They are sourced from nature and require low or no chemical processing. Their durability for over 100 years means they are not replaced easily. 

Their natural anti-slip and non-staining property will leave you amazed. The gorgeous stones add value to your property while remaining intact for years. If these reasons do not entice you to go for Slate Tiles, then what will?

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