Making room for colour

17 February 2022

Suited to many architectural and decorative styles, the 2022 Colour Trends palette from paint brand, Benjamin Moore, encourages creativity with colour.

With a focus on designing spaces where homeowners can retreat and relax, the palette of 14 colours draws inspiration from a floral study. The notion of flowers being unique and individually beautiful became a metaphor for the approach to selecting colour for a room, capturing individual style.

It was the green stem of each flower that became the bridge between hues and a metaphor for approaching colour in the home. By using greens as connector colours, homeowners and interior designers can be expressive with colour and bring an overall theme to life.

Shades of green, such as October Mist, quietly anchor a space and create a canvas for the 2022 Colour Trends palette. Integrate with luminous pales like Hint of Violet and Quiet Moments to invigorate the senses and inspire playfulness.

For spaces that nurture, consider organic hues like Gloucester Sage, that provide warmth and reassurance, or make a style statement with refreshed primary colours Wild Flower and Pale Moon.

Benjamin Moore makes layering colours throughout a home effortless. The mix and match quality of the colour trends palette provides decorators with the confidence to have fun and experiment with personalised colour combinations that will work together effortlessly.



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