Maple Kitchen Cabinets: Their Benefits and Features

16 August 2020

In recent years, maple kitchen cabinets have gained great popularity. They’re favored by homeowners and interior designers alike, largely because of their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

In essence, maple is a versatile and durable hardwood species that can blend in perfectly with a variety of kitchen styles and décors. Maple RTA cabinets are relatively affordable and can be availed with many different types of finishes – including stained, matte, high-gloss, and distressed.

Maple wood also has the benefit of being durable and highly resistant to scratches, dents, and abrasions. As a result, once a set of Shaker kitchen cabinets made from high-quality maple wood has been installed in your kitchen, you will not need to spend much money or time on repairs and replacements of the aforementioned cabinetry.

Maple kitchen cabinets are perfect for both traditional and modern kitchen designs. They can make any kitchen feel warm, inviting, and elegant. Moreover, they also increase the functionality of the kitchen space, making it easier to prepare meals by ensuring that all the ingredients and appliances are properly stored in their designated shelves or drawers.

Maple trees are found aplenty in the forests along the Eastern Coast of the US. Some species of maple are native to North America while others are grown here in large numbers despite having originated elsewhere. Therefore, cabinets and other furnishings made from this wood species are quite common and reasonably affordable.

Around the world, maple wood is recognized for its sturdiness, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. The timber obtained from these trees has long been used to manufacture high-quality and long-lasting pieces of furniture. Maple kitchen cabinets are no exception, which explains the reason for their massive popularity among modern consumers.

Salient Features of Maple kitchen cabinets

Whether you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or just enhance its functionality with a new set of cabinets, you should definitely check out some of the attractive features of maple kitchen cabinets. These useful characteristics of maple wood have made them one of the most popular cabinet varieties in the United States.


One of the most distinctive and popular characteristics of maple kitchen cabinets is the smooth grain and non-porous surface of this wood species. This makes maple wood ideal for a wide variety of paints and finishes. Everything from stains and lacquer to shellac and satin finishes are commonly seen on maple kitchen cabinets, making them one of the most versatile cabinet varieties available in the market.

Additionally, maple cabinets can also be painted, either with a single color or comprising unique and interesting patterns. Mineral streaking, bird’s eye dots, and curling grain are some of the less common finishes you can choose for your maple kitchen cabinets, in order to add some extra vivacity and dynamism to your remodeled kitchen space.

Typically, maple kitchen cabinets are stained in warm and attractive colors such as ivory, brown, honey, and deep cherry red. Some non-traditional colors you can choose for a more unique kitchen include gray, blue, espresso black, and various shades of pastel. If the maple wood cabinet is painted in its natural honey color, then exposure to heat and UV rays will deepen this gorgeous shade and enhance its visual appeal over time.


Another important reason for the popularity of maple kitchen cabinets is their remarkable durability and longevity. This makes maple wood perfect for busy kitchens where a lot of culinary work is done on a regular basis. These cabinets are resistant to wear and tear and are, therefore, not likely to be adversely affected by heavy usage. Nor do they require heavy maintenance and upkeep, which is one of the reasons why they are favored by modern, professional couples who have limited time for housekeeping activities.

Maple is, furthermore, highly resistant to variations in temperature and humidity. Unlike many other wood species, maple does not crack or warp when exposed to moisture or heat. With a bit of careful maintenance, high-quality maple kitchen cabinets can easily last for three decades or more, as they are rarely affected by the natural factors that often cause decay and disintegration in other, less durable wood species.

Aesthetic Appeal

The smooth and even grain that maple wood offers also grants it significant aesthetic appeal, thus giving it an edge over other wood species. It makes it easy to modify with a variety of stains and finishes. As a result, maple kitchen cabinets will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen décor, regardless of what type of style or theme you’re going for.

In its natural state, maple wood typically has a slight reddish tone and is light in color. However, this wood species takes color extremely well, as a result of which it can easily be stained to resemble a more expensive wood such as walnut or cherry. These factors have made maple wood a clear winner when it comes to visual appeal and aesthetics.

In Conclusion

High-quality maple kitchen cabinets can offer a number of benefits which will help transform your kitchen into a more beautiful and functional cooking space. For the best results, therefore, you should invest in RTA cabinets made from maple wood, manufactured by a reputed brand or company.