Mapped - Australia's favourite interior design styles

05 June 2020

A new study, carried out by Budget Direct Home Insurance, using Google Trends, has revealed the top interior designs across Australia.

Working with Sydney-based interior designer Miriam Pinkney, she helped the team to identify the top design styles and trends in the country over the past five years. They then used Google Trends to determine which trends were sparking the most interest and where in Australia they were most popular.

Trends searched included: industrial, contemporary, coastal, Scandinavian, minimalist, bohemian, modern Art Deco, modern Mediterranean, and mid century modern.

What style does your State favour?


In terms of favourites, the Industrial style quite comfortably tops the list across the whole of Australia, with other styles such as the coastal or Scandi chic looks proving more popular in certain regions. Victoria, meanwhile, has embraced Nordic style interiors.


Over the past five years, a variety of features and trends have come and gone in Australian design but two that remained popular during that time are rattan and succulents.

Rattan is a hard palm vine material commonly woven to create wicker furniture. Cultured, versatile and sustainable, it’s a firm favourite. Succulent plants are low maintenance and can be deployed in any size of home. They also survive better than most in the Australian climate.

Which rooms are Aussies redesigning?


When seeking design inspiration the two rooms Australians are keen to redecorate are their kitchens and bathrooms. Those on the balmy west coast also like to search backyard renovation ideas.

The full survey insights are here: 

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