27 July 2023


Laminex has collaborated with Melbourne-based practice, Studio Doherty with the partnership aspiring to bring joy and showcase the endless design possibilities when crafting a space with Laminex products.

For over 80 years, Laminex has established its reputation as a pioneer of the Australian design industry for its extensive portfolio of leading brands, products and inspiring creative collaborations with some of the country’s leading design talents.

Sitting at the forefront of Australian design, Studio Doherty is renowned for its signature touch of crafting contemporary interiors, which reflect and honour the diversity, vitality and eclecticism of Australia’s rich architectural heritage since 2014. For architectural spaces that deliver moments of comfort and delight, the Studio Doherty is a team who implements a bold and daring approach using colour and materiality.

Working with Laminex, Studio Doherty has designed two kitchens that encapsulate both brands’ approaches to establishing functional and artful spaces. Featuring an abundance of colour and bold textural statements, both kitchens step away from traditional layouts and deliver a purposeful and practical space for modern lifestyles.

“The kitchens are an inspiring example of Laminex’s constant pursuit of high-quality products and aesthetic appeal. Our brief for Studio Doherty was to explore new applications and design possibilities when working with Laminex products as well as using colour and texture in exciting and innovative ways,” Laminex general manager of sales and marketing Sacha Leagh-Murray says.

“Studio Doherty are known for their vibrant style and fearlessness when it comes to incorporating bold colour and texture, so with their unique design approach and our incredible range of laminates, we knew it would make for a perfect match.”

Scoop is a larger kitchen designed for families and those willing to experiment with their space. Featuring a characterful palette of warm, earthy and refreshing tones, uplifted by the extensive textural library from Laminex, the kitchen fuses exceptional functionality with a playful approach by employing a series of furniture and textural elements to provide a seamless kitchen experience.

An expansive kitchen island in a muted blue hue takes centre stage with a rectilinear profile at one end to signal the preparation area, juxtaposed by a sinuous curve at the opposing end to present a space for a breakfast bench or a conversation pit-stop. Sitting beyond, shades of off-white and terracotta, complemented by textural stone, align the cooking bench.

While Scoop exudes creative flare, the everyday practicalities and operational necessities of a working kitchen are retained, demonstrating how Laminex cabinetry can be used in various ways.

“We wanted to push the playfulness of the kitchens while maintaining the necessary functionality of a modern kitchen. Our main goal was to showcase how Laminex cabinetry can be used in exciting, new ways,” Studio Doherty owner and director Mardi Doherty says.

Scoop and Nest feature thoughtful colour composition and a considered approach to materiality. Each kitchen demonstrates the breadth of Laminex products to achieve exceptional environments filled with personality and functionality.

The Laminex portfolio showcases a selection of premium, Australian-made laminate finishes such as AbsoluteMatte, which have been intertwined with the extensive range of new and old colours from the Laminex Colour Collection. The collaboration showcases how these products can be used in an array of small and large environments and how unique colour combinations can work harmoniously to create your ideal space.

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