Mastering Monochromatic Bathroom Design

23 July 2020

Single colour interiors are a bold, vibrant choice for any room. Here is how to create a monochromatic bathroom for a dramatic and surprisingly appealing look and feel.


The basics

In a monochromatic bathroom one single colour acts as the primary choice and driver behind the bathroom’s design and overall style. Begin by picking a base colour. A unique way that you can identify your colour preferences is by looking in your cupboard to see what sort of colours you prefer wearing as they often extend to other elements of your life, including your home. The next step is to pick lighter and darker variations of that colour as options. These variations may be used on accent walls, or trim, or in bathroom accessories or accents within the room creating a sophisticated and modern look.

Play with tile patterns and sizes or the direction in which they are laid.

 Black and white monochromatic bathrooms

A sure-fire formula for a black and white monochromatic bathroom is starting with a white colour base. Play with tile patterns and tile sizes or the direction the tiles are laid use rectangular subway, hexagonal or square are increasingly popular. Introduce a mix of textures matte black accent finishes i.e. bathroom accessories, tapware and heated towel rails. The matte black finish gives pieces a textured look that practically begs to be touched. This tactile feel is one of the reasons why designers are drawn to it. Other black details can come in through black framed mirrors, lamps, storage cabinets or the décor.

Black beauty

Using black as an accent colour in a monochromatic black and white bathroom adds a sense of sophistication to the design with touches of elegance and timelessness, especially when paired with marble surfaces. Matte black bathroom accessories as accent pieces are exceptionally popular because of their trend appeal, they work well with contemporary styles and are visually interesting.

Don't forget to bring in differing textures and shades on a single colour monochrome bathroom.

Single colour monochromatic bathrooms

With single colour monochromatic bathrooms, it is important to bring in differing textures and shades of the colour, to add interest and dimension into the space. Go bold and dramatic with a deep shade of blue for example, which helps establish a feeling of serenity. Pair two darker tones for a striking look or balance it out with pops of a lighter shade for a little more playfulness. For added interest try opting for different textures and tiles, varying textures offer sense of depth and sophistication to the space. This prevents the bathroom from coming across as cold and flat. Finally add Polished or Brushed stainless steel bathroom accessories to complete the look.

Pay attention to the finishes which will form part of the colour palette.

Finishing touches

When creating a single colour monochromatic bathroom, it is also important to pay attention to the natural elements used, like wood, concrete and metal, as well as the hardware - as these will form part of the colour palette too. For example, select your bathroom accessories and floor tiles together to see how the colours play off each other, keeping in mind that bathroom accessories now come in a variety of finishes such as Brushed God, Gunmetal, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Stainless Steel and these new finishes will form part of your colour scheme.

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