From a New House: How to Plan to Change Apartments?

21 July 2022

Are you thinking of changing apartments? Check out the tips presented by Sky Marketing to plan before conquering your own home!

Even if you already own your property, you know that sooner or later, the day will come to change apartments. Life changes, the family grows, and you change jobs, cities, tastes. Transformation is part of our existence, and I'm glad you don't have to be stuck in a place that doesn't serve you anymore.

This change can happen at different stages of each one's life, but it will definitely come. And at that time, you will need to prepare to leave your apartment and look for another one that better fits your context, making you more secure, comfortable and happy. See now how to plan to change apartments and get ready for the new house!

Shaping Life, Needs and Desires

More rooms, space for toys, a more stocked kitchen, and a backyard to have a pet: when the family is going to increase, it is normal to think about these new desires for the home. And the same goes for the opposite way. It may be that the children are already grown, leaving the house and the apartment will be too big for you and your partner. Each son went on to build his own life and now the business is to receive the gang — including grandchildren and family members, who knows? - on weekends.

There are also other profiles, such as singles who want to be closer to work or friends, divorced people who want to live close to their children, etc., each with their own needs and desires for their next home.

Needs come, but it's important to know how to best execute each desire or dream.

How to Plan to Change Apartments?                                            

 For younger people of full working age, the projection of earning more or maintaining a certain rhythm of wages and savings is higher. It is less risky, for example, to take on a loan or move to a larger or higher quality property than the current one.

For older or retired people, for example, the income projection is more stable, tending to decrease. Unless there are good savings made over the years, it is riskier to go for a very long loan or even for much more expensive property. Therefore, it is important to research the financing conditions, as banks and other institutions limit the ages and even the income range of the buyer.

There are various types of financing, less and more expensive, in addition to the entries. With the boom in the real estate market across the country, it became more difficult to follow this fluctuation in prices. The ideal, therefore, is to plan and manage to save money that will help with the purchase. A well-executed plan will avoid future headaches.

Financial Planning

In order not to run the risk of getting into debt, it is essential to make a financial plan and see how big the step your legs can take. How much is your current property worth? How much is the apartment you want to go to worth? The change of a region of the city is directly related to the values ​​of the properties, as well as the relative luxury of each one, size and proximity to commerce and means of public transport. That difference could be gold! Research it, see what meets your needs and desires and calculate how it is really possible to do.

When is the Best Time to Change Apartments?

Finding the best time to change apartments can be a challenge, but the fact is that investing in real estate is almost always an excellent option. However, to find out if it's time to make a move of this magnitude, you need to consider your personal needs, the timing of the economy, and the real estate industry.

If the place you are residing no longer meets your expectations and the demands of your family, it doesn't make much sense to continue living there, does it? Also, if your finances are allowing for a new investment or if the local market provides good opportunities, a new acquisition might be the most logical way to go.

How to Plan Financially for This?

 Have you concluded that it is the best time to change apartments? If the answer is yes, know that it is now that you need to start programming, even if you are not in such a hurry. This is a large and valuable acquisition, making it imperative to plan financially for it. Keep reading and find out how.

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

You can't change apartments without organizing your own finances, right? Therefore, one of the first steps you need to take is to bet on cutting unnecessary expenses. Saving money is not an easy task these days and, of course, you will have serious problems doing this if you don't organize your expenses.

Even small changes to your routine can translate into tremendous savings, like a change in your cable TV package, cutting the membership fee at a gym you never go to or stopping ordering so much takeout. Don't forget to also talk to your family members, as they should contribute to this process.

Make your Money Work

Have you made some cuts and are you managing to make good money? So, it wouldn't be very smart to let him stand still. Therefore, you must find some ways to get a good income, escaping from traditional savings. Although the passbooks available are quite safe, they have very low profitability.

The good idea is to go to your bank branch and talk to the manager about the options available. Riskier applications are not the best choice in this context, but there are relatively profitable assets without major risks. Some of the most popular are Treasury Law, Mortgage Letters of Credit, and Fixed Income Funds, among others.

Seek Expert Help

To plan financially and buy a new apartment, you should not give up on seeking specialized help. For this, the focus must be on companies with great credibility in the market, especially those that are able to offer solutions aimed at customer needs and at attractive prices. An alternative is to look for a popular construction company that works with Federal Government programs.

What to Take into Account?

 You already own your own property, you understand that the time has come to make the exchange and you are preparing yourself financially. However, to take this step and even to choose a property in tune with your desires and needs, there are some factors that must be taken into account. See some of them below.

Evaluate your Moment of Life 

Your moment in life is one of the factors you need to take into account. It serves not only to reaffirm the decision to change apartments but also to choose a property that is in line with what you and your family need today, as well as what you will need in the medium and long term.

As advantageous as the real estate sector is, it is a high investment and one that has consequences for decades. If you have a stable career or are on the rise, it may be an opportunity to invest a little more. If your profession is risky and you don't have financial help from your spouse, it might be interesting to be more restrained.

Choose a Suitable Property

The characteristics of the property are also another point that must be taken into account. It is not enough that it fits in your pocket, as the place must be in line with the demands and expectations of your family. Those who have small children or want to increase their offspring, for example, should bet on more bedrooms and bathrooms.

On the other hand, if you live in a city with security problems, a good option is a condominium unit, which has protected internal areas and good monitoring devices. Also, don't forget to consider the location: being close to work is good, but real estate in developing areas is a great investment.  is the best option in this regard.

Discover the Apartment Area

Speaking of developing areas, another factor that must be taken into account is precisely the region of the apartment. From the investment point of view, as we said above, a good choice should prioritize regions that are receiving contributions from the public or private sectors, such as the construction of enterprises and new roads.

On the other hand, it is also very important that you and your family members are well taken care of by basic services. Take a good look at the surroundings and find out if there are markets, pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants, gyms, schools, malls, cinemas, cafeterias and everything else that is necessary for your routine.

Can I Use the Old Property as an Entry?

A very common question that property owners have is about the possibility of using the current property as an entrance to another. This measure is not only allowed, but it can also be an interesting option to acquire new assets, helping to reduce installments and the incidence of feared interest.

This is an operation provided for by law and allowed even for projects that are still in the planning stage. Another advantage is paying less in Income Tax, as the transaction rules are specific. Especially if you count on the specialized help of a construction company, it is possible to have convenience, reduced bureaucracy and total security in the process.

Now you know how to plan to change apartments and, following these steps, you will be able to move to a new house as soon as possible! Be sure to take advantage of market opportunities and if you want specialized help, look for a popular construction company to get the best deal!


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