New Meir tapware casts a long Shadow

01 August 2022

Pic: Dylan Lark (Aspect11)

Australian kitchen and bathroom product supplier, Meir, has launched of its new bespoke colour, Shadow, to its range of designer tapware finishes.

Shadow combines a striking blend of charcoal grey and rustic blue while showcasing a remarkable depth of colour that pairs perfectly with stone, timber, natural, and concrete materials, elevating the notion of how luxury products can enhance home design.

“Shadow is a unique tapware finish which can be seamlessly integrated into any architectural or interior design project. It embodies individuality and works to define a space by serving as an aesthetic extension of personality,” says Roche Scholtz, marketing manager at Meir.

“Shadow pushes the boundaries of contemporary design by giving specifiers and homeowners access to a statement finish that will create captivating and cohesive results across interior spaces.”

Whether it’s accentuating the clean-cut lines of a coastal style abode, highlighting the approachable ambiance of a rustic retreat, or emphasising the avant-garde intention of a modern inner-city apartment, Shadow is remarkably versatile in its sophistication.

“The products we choose to have in our home define us. Shadow is a truly remarkable finish with its array of colour, light capturing nature and reflective properties and is as unique as we are,” adds Rick Bazerghi, CEO of Meir.

Pic: Dylan Lark (Aspect11)

From a technical perspective, the Shadow finish is applied using a state-of-the-art, highly sustainable PVD coating process, which generates low-waste outcomes that contribute to the company’s sustainability roadmap.

“We use a six-month development and manufacturing process to ensure flawless quality and a consistent finish to each item in the Shadow range” says Sven Gussenhoven, lead engineer at Meir.

Shadow is available now. For more information, log on to:

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