Outdoor blinds that have us in Aw(ning)!

29 April 2020

Outdoor blinds are very versatile.

External awnings offer both air flow control and sun protection, effectively shading the windows of your home to aid in temperature management.

Their ability to block out a harsh sun during the summer also results in savings on cooling systems.

The Luxaflex® External Window Fashions range is specifically designed to withstand the harsh UV and demanding weather of the Australian climate.The most recent addition to the portfolio is the Luxaflex® Evo MagnaTrack Awning. The vertical external shade is trusted to remain stable and resilient in Australia’s most erratic weather conditions.

Australian engineered and designed, it boasts an overly generous, wide application of up to 6.5m and up to 4m drop. It has a self-correcting feature that allows the fabric skin to return to its channel if dislodged.

The Evo MagnaTrack awning also has patented magnetic technology that holds its fabric taut, ensuring a smooth finish. It allows the fabric to move under wind pressure as it floats within the channel – once the wind subsides, the magnets will automatically re-tension the fabric back to its original appearance.

A popular trend is to colour coordinate external blinds with the home. As such, Hunter Douglas, the company behind the Luxaflex brand, is always undertaking research into the most popular shades. We then use these insights to develop and introduce new colours to the latest seasons of Luxaflex awning ranges.


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