Outdoor lighting guide

Outdoor lighting  
Outdoor lighting can take advantage of unusual shapes and shadows for dramatic effect.

Although people almost instantly recognise the value of good architectural and interior design, they often overlook the importance of lighting, particularly when it comes to the outdoors.

Australia’s famous climates and rich outdoor culture mean that functional and decorative outdoor lighting is a big deal. A proper lighting design can help to create the mood you want for the space, but it may take a lot of planning in terms of placement, style and product. This is especially the case for lighting that involves the garden.

Some of the more common uses for lighting outdoors include lights along the edges of pathways, lights to mark the beginning and end of stairs, indoor-style accent lighting techniques to highlight landscape features, general lighting for alfresco dining and lighting as a security measure. The possibilities are endless though, and the best part about outdoor lighting is that it can so easily be moved around.

Tips for outdoor lighting    
  • Be conscious of where you put light switches. The ideal place is inside, next to the door so you can switch them on before you step out.
  • If you plan to use lighting as part of your security system, use motion detectors with a light sensor so the light won’t activate during daytime hours.
  • Ensure that your lights are moisture-proof to a rating of at least IP67.
  • If you live on the coast or next to any body of salt water, use lighting hardware that incorporates either 304 or 316 marine-grade stainless steel (also known as A2 steel) to prevent rust.
  • You should clean any exposed outdoor light bulbs every 3 months to ensure that the dirt that builds up as a result of wind is removed. Doing so will also improve the quality of light that you get from the bulb.
Landscape lighting

Landscape and garden lighting

Good landscape and garden lighting can do amazing things for the way your yard looks at night.

Security lighting

Security lighting

Lighting plays an important role in most home security systems, and is a relatively cheap and effective deterrent.

Garage lighting

Garage and workshop lighting needs to be bright and functional - not just for safety, but also for security.