Paint whole rooms with colour to add impact and personality

05 April 2022


The Easter long weekend is an ideal time for homeowners to bring smaller DIY renovation projects to life, particularly indoor projects such as painting.

However, when it comes to decorating with colour, interior designer and stylist Jono Fleming says it’s time to ditch the feature wall and embrace the returning trend of saturating a room with colour.

Sharing his insights with Benjamin Moore, Jono said: “Australians haven’t been the boldest with colour in the last few years. We’ve been conditioned to always consider white as our safest option, in case of resale or to add personality later, but we’re seeing a shift.”

Jono says that as we’ve all spent an extended period in our home, people have a different view now when it comes to adding colour to the palette.

“Perhaps staring at four white walls for so long has sparked a thirst for variety. Softer colours are being introduced, especially in the sage green tones and dustier clays. It’s an exciting time and the future looks bright, and colourful,” Jono remarks.

One particular trend that is coming back into fashion is that of saturating a room with colour. What does that mean?

Jono explains: “We’re talking painting the architraves, skirting boards, trim and sometimes even the ceiling in the same colour as the walls. It’s a bold choice, and it’s not for everyone or every space, but it works very well if you have more ornate, classic detailing in your home.”

He believes it is time to retire the feature wall, saying that a flood of colour when you open a room can be just the trick to add impact and personality to your space.

“When it comes to adding colour to your home, bedrooms are always a great place to start. The power of colour can completely transform a space and bedrooms are the one space you spend the most time in, whilst also seeing them at different times of the day,” Jono recommends.

He says you should consider what the mood is when waking up first thing, or the calming effect you want when you fall asleep, pointing out that the main thing to remember is choose what makes you happy.

“Be bold. It’s just paint, you can always give it another go or change it up later.”

Benjamin Moore makes layering colours throughout a home effortless. The mix and match quality of the Colour Trends 2022 palette provides decorators with the confidence to have fun and experiment with personalised colour combinations that will work together seamlessly. 

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