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We have a party wall between the 2 town house. This wall or building was fully constructed at end of November 2012. We have realised that the sound of someone walking down the staircase could be heard from otherside. We also realised that the the plaster board is put on directly to the brickwork of the partywall. After carefully checking our plans, it is clear to me that the builder did not build according to the plans recommendation.
How can I prove that the builder has cut corners? and what can i do from here? how can I hold the builder liable?

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Hi Si,

If you're looking to prove that the builder has cut corners, your best bet is probably to talk to an independent building inspector. You could call your local council to explain the situation and ask if they can recommend anyone to help with that.

The building inspector should be able to inspect the work, provide you with a report and advise you on what your options are from there based on what he or she finds.

Hope this helps.
The BUILD team


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