Pebbles provide stepping stone to sustainable kitchen

27 September 2022

Celebrating its 35th year of leading the world in sustainable surfaces, Caesarstone has chosen the pebble – a symbol of nature’s inimitable role in the art of creation – as inspiration for its very latest collection of quartz surfaces.

As a precious creation of nature – crafted over many, many years and shaped by the forces of water, wind and sunlight – the pebble is a fitting inspiration for Caesarstone’s new range of quartz sustainable surfaces. 

Caesarstone has crafted four organic designs, each one taken directly from the earthy, natural hues and patina of a single pebble.

The Pebbles collection comprises four pebble-inspired designs, shaped by nature and intended for surfaces throughout the home – from bathroom to kitchen, living space to laundry.

As with all Caesarstone quartz collections, Pebbles is one of the most durable surfaces available, being non-porous (never requiring sealing) as well as chip, stain, scratch and heat-resistant.

The four finishes are as follows:

Riverlet is a gentle off-white base with soft, honied-amber capillaries that flow across the surface. Its honed finish reflects light and is ideal for low-light areas.

Wyndigo features a wash of warm, earthy hues over a soft greige surface. Veining in foaming greys is a feature. Its two-toned mottled patina is in a honed finish.

Raindream has two layers of slate greys that are accentuated with soft dark grey strokes. Its surface emulates the look of wet river stone – in a polished finish.

Agger Grey is a rich, two-toned base of warm, smoky greys with delicate clay undertones and white veining. Available in a polished finish.

In designing the pictured kitchen for an extended family, Darren Genner, principal designer at Studio Minosa, has applied a modern style to a mid-century home. 

“The kitchen is designed to accommodate numerous family members cooking together, with the white-on-white walls, cabinetry and benchtops adding a level of sophistication to the space. The soft white of Pebbles Riverlet, in a light-reflective honed finish, is ideal for this otherwise low-light space,” he says.

The connection between the natural world of pebbles and the brand’s strong commitment to sustainability and caring for the planet is no coincidence. Caesarstone’s sustainability commitment, announced last year (2021), sets out the four pillars of its environmental approach to creating the world’s most sustainable surfaces:

  • Sustainable Products – developing environmentally friendly products with a lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally Responsible Production – reducing carbon footprint, styrene emissions, water usage and waste while increasing the use of renewable energy and environmentally sustainable transportation opportunities
  • Health and Safety – creating a safer working environment
  • Social Responsibility – The Master of Stone is an initiative to create a safe, clean, dust-free workspace for the entire stone industry

Caesarstone Pebbles surfaces are also easy to clean and never require sealing. In a first for any quartz surface, and testament to the confidence and trust the brand has in its products, Caesarstone Pebbles carries a lifetime warranty, ensuring complete peace of mind for the consumer.

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