Performance considerations for heating


While the type of heater is an important consideration, so is where you put it, the availability and cost of fuel, and of course how much it'll cost to buy and run. Knowing enough about these performance considerations can help you best decide what's right for your needs when it comes to choosing a heater.

Central heating or space heating?

Central heating vs. space heating

Heating is generally dealt with in terms of either heating a building, or heating a small space. These two scenarios require very different approaches and technologies.

Where to position heaters

Different heaters emit heat in different ways, and heat always rises. Knowing where to put your heater can vastly improve your heating setup and overall comfort.

Availability of fuel

The availability and price of fuel make a big difference to what type of heaters you should install in your home. This is especially the case for natural gas, wood and coal heaters.

Climate and demand

How often you will need a heater and how long you need it on for make a big difference. Heaters of different types vary considerably in their performance over different durations.

Running costs of heaters

In most (but not all) cases, the less you spend on a heater, the more it will cost to run in the long term. Find out more about the initial and ongoing costs of different heater types.