Performance considerations for hot water systems

Getting the right hot water system for your particular needs is important. The wrong choices can be very inefficient, will cost you far more than necessary in the long run, and won't supply you with steaming hot water when you need it. 

The articles below offer help to explain the more important things you'll need to consider and understand when you're choosing or replacing your hot water system.

Hot water systems: what's the right size?

Different hot water systems are designed for different levels of demand. Find out how to calculate the ideal size and type of system for your household's hot water needs.

Is gas available?

Gas, as perhaps the cheapest fuel source apart from solar, is well worth considering when looking for a hot water system. See how the availability of gas may affect your choice.

Solar hot water: do you have enough sunlight?

Solar hot water: do I have enough sunlight?

The availability and reliability of sunlight where you live can determine whether or not you can use solar hot water, and what type of system you should get if you can.

Bore water

Bore water and hard water

Bore water may be a huge convenience in remote locations with unreliable rainfall, but it can also cause damage to plumbing systems. See what needs to be taken into account.

Where should hot water systems be installed?

Where should hot water systems be installed?

The position of your hot water system relative to your taps is vital to your system's efficiency. Find out how best to plan your layout, and what to consider when space is limited.

Efficiency levels for different hot water systems

Hot water budget and cost

The cheapest system to buy is quite likely to be the most expensive to run - and vice versa. Find out what you need to take into account when budgeting for a new or replacement system.