Performance considerations for kitchen appliances


There are a few different things you'll need to consider when choosing appliances - including what sorts of technologies they employ, and how and where they're going to be used. Establishing these things at the design stage could even affect how you choose to lay out your kitchen.

Gas vs. electric vs. induction cooktops

There are several very different options available to you when you're choosing a cooktop. But how do they work, and what's the difference? Find out how each style of cooktop performs in practical terms.

Wiring for larger appliances

While smaller appliances can be casually plugged in where they fit and moved around, larger 'roughed in' appliances like ovens will often need to be wired in directly, or even driven using 3 phase power.

Where to position electrical outlets

Find out how to decide where electrical outlets should be positioned, and what sort of factors will influence both how many you need and what type.

Safe installation and use of gas appliances

If you're planning on installing a gas cooktop or other gas kitchen appliance, it's important that it's installed properly, and serviced regularly by a qualified gasfitter. Here's what to look for.