Performance considerations for soundproofing

Soundproofing is a complex issue. Different frequencies of sound travel differently, and even though one soundproofing material or technique may block sounds of a certain kind, the same material may not be useful for other types of noise. Find out more about how sound travels in a home, and how certain things will help to stop it.

Reflection, diffusion and absorption of sound

Sound can be controlled by either be reflecting it off a surface, diffusing it or by allowing it to be absorbed. Find out more about the basic physical properties of sound, and how soundproofing works.

Mechanical resonance

'Mechanical' sound transfer happens when sound passes directly from one solid surface or object to another. See how different parts of a home can be attached in ways that reduce noise from mechanical resonance.

Soundproofing for home theatres

Home theatre design's a bit of an art. Find out what's involved in good home theatre soundproofing to ensure that you get the best experience, and that your neighbours don't dob you in for noise pollution.

What do Rw, Ctr and NRC mean?

To soundproof your home well, you will need to understand how soundproofing materials are rated and how soundproofing is measured. Find out about Rw, Ctr and NRC, and what they mean.