Pergola regulations

A pergola's not necessarily a very technical thing to construct, but there are some rules about what you can and can't do, and it's a very good idea to learn about them before you start making plans.

Built well, a pergola's a very pleasant thing - but if you're in a bushfire or cyclone prone area, you'll need to build it in a way that ensures it's not increasing the risk of damage to your home. Likewise, different councils have slightly different rules about what technically separates a pergola from a carport, where you can build one, and how. Read our articles below to get a better idea of the steps you should take to stay on the right side of the law.

Bushfire regulations for decking and pergolas

Regulations apply in bushfire prone areas which may affect how you're allowed to build a pergola. Find out what regulations apply, and how they affect your plans.

Cyclone regulations for decks and pergolas

If you're planning on building a pergola in a cyclone prone part of Australia, it will need to comply with the cyclone code. Find out what sorts of cyclone proofing measures are required.

Do I need a council permit for a deck or pergola?

Depending on the type of pergola you intend to build, you may need to apply for specific permission to build. Find out when you're likely to need permission, and how to go about submitting an application.