Practical and Realistic Home Security Tips That You Can Use

23 December 2019

Burglars and thieves are out for only one thing: to look for a home that’s easy to slip into. That said, if your property is hard to infiltrate or the risk of being detected is very high, these criminals will likely move on to the next target.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t take plenty of things to make your home seem frightening and alarming to burglars. As a matter of fact, securing your home is very simple. Sadly, many homeowners take no notice of these simple home security tips that could dramatically lessen the chance of their home to be mugged in the future.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the practical tips that you can use today to secure your home. Read on!

Install a Home Alarm

Home alarms have become essential equipment in businesses and stores, and today, they are becoming a standard in private homes, too. If you have ever looked for a home security system, then you most probably know that there is a mile-long list of options available.

These options vary from DIY kits you can buy for at least ten dollars to advanced home security networks that must be professionally installed. Even so, most home alarm systems are designed and made around the very same concepts.

One of the best home alarms available today is the Minut Point Smart Alarm. In one small component, you get a complete security system. Do visit online review websites such as SecurityBaron to learn more about this all-in-one-sensor.

Fortify the Doors

Never help a criminal wander in through the front door. Take note that about 34 per cent of burglars stroll in through the front door. With that said, check all of your doors to ensure the frames are heavy-duty, and the door hinges are secure.

Additionally, if you are moving to a new home, make sure to change the locks. In this way, the previous owners can’t enter your home without your permission. Ultimately, be sure to install a deadbolt, add a strike plate, opt for smart locks, and upgrade to a video doorbell to secure these vital entryways.

Hide Valuables

The majority of us don’t need an expensive, heavy, big safe to shelter or keep our valuables. For at least a couple of bucks, you can buy a safe that’ll safeguard your valuable items against thieves.

Make sure to attach it to the wall or floor so that burglars can’t walk off with it. Safe vaults increase in price for options like biometric or digital opening systems. Moreover, you can even hide a safe on the floor or wall.

Opt for a cylinder floor safe and bolt it to the floor. In this way, thieves will have a difficult time searching for your valuables.

Brighten Up the Landscape

Remember that criminals, burglars, and thieves do not like to get a great deal of attention. Thus, they search for homes with unlighted landscapes. That said, keep criminals away with sufficient outdoor lighting.

Ensure to set up lights around your backyard and front yard, near the garage, along walkways, and other structures. Doing these things will not only deter burglars; you will reduce the risk of a slip or stumble, as well.

Put outdoor lights on a timer, opt for solar-powered lights, and use motion-sensor lights to make your landscape security lights even more beneficial.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

If there are potential hiding places in your property, be sure to eliminate them. For instance, shrubs and trees might offer your home curb appeal. Even so, they offer criminals an effective place to hide.

As such, trim down plants, shrubs, and trees near your house that could be leveraged for cover. Choose smaller bushes and flowers instead. Additionally, if there are trees close to your windows, either secure those windows or get rid of them.

Also, don’t forget the rest of the exterior of your home. Add security stickers and signs, lock outdoor buildings, and always put away ladders and stools.

Surveillance Cameras

For sure, you’ve seen news about thieves being captured and seized by security camera footage. Adding security cameras around your home is one solution that serves as both a way to get justice and a deterrent.

You can either use security cameras that function on their own or part of a home security system. Key features to look for in a security camera include two-way talk, motion detection, weatherproof casing, night vision, and more.


Securing and protecting your home does not have to be a thing to be done or a burden. It is undoubtedly simple to secure your home! Use the tips outlined in this post to get started. And once everything is set up, you can relax and make a plan to add more security tools later.

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