Pull-down and pull-out taps

Pull out taps 
Pull out taps allow you far more freedom around the sink.

What are pull-down and pull-out taps?

Pull down and pull out taps (or 'veggie sprays', as they're sometimes known) are an increasingly popular type of kitchen sink tap that features a tap head on a flexible hose, which can be manouvred to allow you to direct water where it's needed anywhere around the kitchen sink area.

Pull-down taps feature a hose which is suspended from above in a spring-like enclosure, and allowed to dangle over the sink like an elephant's trunk, allowing you to direct the spray of water. These types of taps are very often found in commercial kitchens, and normally feature a squeeze grip mechanism to allow you to squirt water as it's required.


Pull-out taps

, by contrast, involve a tap head on a hose that can be pulled out of and tidily retract back into the neck of the faucet spout. When fully retracted, this type of tap looks like a regular tap spout. The principle's something like a detachable shower head, which allows you to either fix the head in the basic position, or remove it to get to where the action is.


What are pull-down and pull-out taps used for?

These kinds of taps are particularly handy if you're likely to be wanting to wash or fill large pots and pans that mightn't otherwise fit properly under your tap head.


What do pull-down and pull-out taps cost?

Decent pull-down and pull-out taps will cost you considerably more than regular fixed taps will, but are incredibly handy for cooking, cleaning and general housework, and well worth the investment. It makes good sense to fork out a bit more for a reliable brand where pull out taps are concerned, simply because they have more moving parts, which inevitably means there's more than can go wrong with them.