Reasons to Get PVC Plantation Shutters

17 March 2020

PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney

There are several different types of PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney, and you will need to select the ideal one for you depending on your specific requirement. If you have full height windows, then you could go for either Full Height Plantation Shutters, which cover the window from top to floor level, or for Tracked Plantation Shutters, with foldable panels. For smaller windows and if you are more particular about your privacy, the ideal solution would be to go for Tier-on-Tier Plantation Shutters, where you can open out only one section of the shutter, while keeping the other section closed. More visibility, air and light for you, while less visibility for anyone looking into your home from the outside. 

The main difference between Plantation Shutters and regular shutters is the louvre size, where regular shutters have smaller, narrow louvres, and Plantation Shutters have a wider tilted louvre. These can be fitted to the window itself and can be opened and closed like a regular window (or door). They have no control mechanism such as cords as is found in blinds, although mechanizing Plantation Shutters is not that difficult to do. 

PVC Plantation Shutters are a great option for your home, and there are many reasons that this type of shutter has become popular. One such reason is that they assist in temperature control, and thereby lowering your energy bills. It’s the ideal solution for very hot summer days as well as for extremely cold winter months, as it will keep the extreme heat and cold out of your home. They are also weather resistant, and will not get spoilt due to extreme weather conditions. 

Implementing this type of shutter for your home is a long term investment, as they are very durable, lasting a lifetime! Although the wooden shutter is a bit on the pricey side, if you opt for PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney, you will be able to get it done at a very reasonable price, and still not compromise on its quality and durability. 

An additional incentive of using PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney is that they are very low maintenance. You can simply clean them off regularly with a piece of cloth to remove any dirt or dust that may have settled on them, and nothing more. No removing and washing or dry cleaning as in the olden days with fabric curtains and drapes! This also makes them a great choice if you are prone to allergies, as they do not accumulate dust, pollen or mites. 

PVC Plantation Shutters also provide sound insulation. In addition, it will give you the absolute privacy that you want, giving you the option of keeping the blinds and shutters open or partially closed, so that no one from the outside can see you. Another plus point is that they are very easy to use, and hence it is the ideal solution for your home, and they create just the right kind of ambiance suitable for a home. 

There are many companies that provide PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney, but you need to check who you are dealing with before you select your vendor. Make sure that they have the right kind of experience and know-how to support you, because as we mentioned earlier, these are a lifetime investment.