Regrouting Your Shower or Bathroom: What Should You Consider?

16 September 2021

Tired of cleaning bathroom tile grout but still appears old, stained, and dirty? Your bathroom or shower might be the only obstacle that makes it difficult to sell your home at your preferred value. But grout staining will always occur no matter how hard you clean it.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can change that dirty, stained, old look by do-it-yourself options. Among them is regrouting the shower tiles and the difficult process of removing old and stained grout and replacing it with fresh and new grout. However, the whole process will consume some time but give your bathroom a refreshed new look.

But is regrouting worth it? And what should you consider when regrouting your shower or bathroom?

Is Regrouting Worth It?

Before beginning the regrouting process, there are various factors to consider to decide whether to reglaze or replace the tiles entirely.

●      What’s the condition of your bathroom tiles and the grout

If your bathroom has several broken or chipped tiles, then it is better to replace them entirely. But if your tiles are in good condition, the grout is stained, or began developing cracks, then regrouting would be an ideal option over replacing the whole bathroom.

●      Do you have enough time and money?

Regrouting your bathroom by DIY will save you some money. However, if you have not saved enough for the project, it might not be an option. Additionally, the process requires some time, so if you have a time limit, consider if it is possible to do regrouting.

●      Does the process require professional skills?

Reglazing is a DIY project under one condition only if the tiles are in good condition. You should be ready to deal with harsh chemicals. Therefore, make your decision correctly before handling and reglazing by yourself.

You can also opt to hire professionals who offer a wide range of services. GroutPro Brisbane is one of the tile and grout specialists. They offer grout cleaning services, restoring bathroom grouts and broken tiles.

How to regrout a shower or bathroom

Regrouting can be so simple to DIY when the main task is replacing the old grout. However, the process requires special tools to make work easy. It is cheap and gives your bathroom a freshened look. Here is how you do it:

●      Begin by scraping off old grout

There are several optional tools you can use to scrape out the old grout. Browse on your internet to learn more about services and tools used in scraping out stained grout. You can use a grout saw, grout scraper, a Dremel, or steel utility knife blades. However, in the whole process, scraping out old grout happens to be the most time-consuming.

●      Mixing and applying fresh new grout

 In this process, you only require a grout float and a sponge to apply grout into open joints you made between the tiles.

●      Cleaning up and Buff the tiles

Lastly, after applying and waiting for the grout to dry, which takes about 36 hours, you can begin sealing off present lines to prevent future staining.