Remodelling On A Budget: All You Need To Know About Cheap Yet Beautiful Bathroom Designs

11 May 2020

Being innovative on a budget sounds like it’s impossible, but that’s quite far from the truth. Whether you’re remodelling your entire home or simply looking for minor changes in your bathroom, it’s important to know how to use your budget to complement your space to be the best it can be.

For bathroom renovations in Cheltenham, we’ve built up the following list of ideas on how you can save up on your budget, whilst also flattering your heart with the new aesthetics you put up.

Less will always be more

More often than not, we take up inspiration from movies and TV shows and even luxurious designs that we might have come across online. We see a filtered world and we want to be a part of it. However, the reality is that most of these spaces were built for the sole purpose of aestheticism and not actual day-to-day use. Thus, while you might be enjoying the setup of a huge sink counter and a magnificent cupboard in a picture, you might not necessarily enjoy it in real life. Keep it simple and minimalistic; there’s no need for items that you don’t need. Minimalism is everything.

Begin with repairs

Although you’re walking into the remodelling of your bathroom with the mindset of changing everything up, it’s important to begin by fixing what’s broken. Chances are that you’re finding the outdated fixtures that are beyond repair infuriating; they might be at the heart of what you truly want to get rid of. By starting your remodelling process with repairs, you might end up happy enough with the repairs to the extent where you no longer want to change anything else in the bathroom. This can help you end up saving a lot of money.

Buying new isn’t a compulsion

Many individuals look at remodelling under the constant pressure of having to change up every single item they own. This can be a scary thought process since you can’t predict the kind of impact it could have on your wallet. However, you needn’t worry and come under the peer pressure of the tag of ‘remodelling,’ since there’s a lot more that you can do besides throw everything away. Repair and replace.

Repair the broken fixtures and replace items that are beyond the process of repair. Even if you are replacing a particular item, the sink, for example, you can choose to invest in a second-hand product as well. You can even choose to alter certain finishings to give a new look to your bathroom. You can either invest in a refinishing kit or hire professionals that can give you the results you want at a cheaper rate.

If you’re hiring, hire right

Hiring a company for small bathroom renovations might be your best bet for saving up on money. Since they’re certified professionals with experience, they know what they’re doing, which means there’s hardly any room for errors. Going about a process yourself can lead to several minor issues that you might need to hire a professional for later on, so why not avoid the long test and hire an executive in the first go?

Bayside Bathroom Renovations is a company set in Australia that works to provide the best possible results to you, at the finest prices. To bring your dream bathroom to reality, they can help you find the fine lines to walk on from the beginning of your remodelling.

Whether you’re choosing to remodel for a higher selling point or the sake of a comfortable tomorrow for your family and you, it’s best to set up a plan and follow through with it for the best results (both financially and aesthetically). Be smart and your wallet will thank you!