Renovation projects a surging real estate priority

15 May 2019

When one considers real estate, it is fair to say that they do not always gravitate towards the same property style they have previously. The nature of real estate, and those who invest in it, is that it is always growing, ever-changing. The exciting part about the real estate industry is that, generally speaking, there are always some incredible properties listed. And while nice, brand new homes will always have their market, another growing market is that of the renovation project.

Fixer-uppers are a rising point of interest in the real estate industry because they can give buyers their dream property, in their dream area, at a fraction of the price. More often than not, a fixer-upper by nature is sold at a lower cost, for obvious reasons. People are realising that they can buy a property with the potential to be their perfect home, without having to pay an arm and a leg up front to afford it in the first place. Renovation projects are real estate gold, but why is that, what makes them so special?

Renovation projects are a labour of love

The appeal in renovation projects for real estate buyers is that they can find the perfect property in the perfect area, and then bring the house on that property to live, entirely in their own vision, and on their own terms. Whether you decide you are bringing in professional home builders to build it anew from the ground up if you knock it down, or using the pre-existing frame to create a new life for the historical frame, renovation projects are a labour of love (and challenging hurdles).

The rising value of newly-renovated properties in the market

While a brand-new house obviously always sells well, there is a growing market for recently-renovated homes. This much is obvious. More and more, people are opting against high-end brand-new homes, instead investing in renovation projects. The rising interest makes sense. Renovations can turn the bones of a house into the heart of a home, and younger generations – the very same generations who are buying property more and more often these days – are loving the idea of bringing their dream home to fruition on their own terms.

The power of turning a house into a home

Fixer-uppers are real estate gold for a reason. Whether you are making small-scale improvements, or sending the entire frame crashing to the ground with the aim of rebuilding it from the ground up, there is power in getting to have creative control over the project in all its stages – and to be able to do it without a ticking clock going off in the distance all the time. There is something exhilarating about taking a beat-down old frame, and turning it into a dream home. Regardless of if the home in question is for yourself, or as a renovate-and-flip project, that feeling of accomplishment and pride in creating a home with your own hands and minds, is always prominent.