Roller Shutters Maintaining To Keep Them Working for long time

12 June 2019

In the past few years, the roller shutter demand has increased a lot for security purpose. But, it is also essential that it is maintained properly so that its working is not affected. If not then they won’t work in the same way. In this guide, we will discuss the ways for maintenance of shutter.

Roller shutter is the best option available for security and protection. The installation of roller shutters helps to form an additional layer of security to the entire place. Business owner is getting to know more about its importance to the business.

But, it is also essential that you keep on check on its working regularly so that you do not face any issue. Over time the shutter will lose its working or the part of the shutter might get lost. To prevent any of these problems it is essential to properly maintain them.

What are tips which help to maintain the roller shutter?

    • Apply the right kind of lubricant

Lubricating all the parts of the rolling shutters are a very essential part. But, make sure you use the right kind of lubricant so that the shutter surface is not affected in any way. You should avoid using a sticky product or silicone-based product as they get attracted towards the dirt and dust. Spray the surface with a small quantity between the guides and also on the plastic clip of each track. The professionals recommend that you should do this at least once so that they work properly. Especially if the shutter is installed for around ten years then proper maintenance is a must.

    • Clean the entire shutter properly

Sometimes it happens that the shutters get jammed or they are not closing properly because of dust buildup and dirt. If you are living in an area where the weather is very windy then you need to clean the shutter every 4 months.

Keep in mind certain points:

  • Keep the shutters in a position where air can pass easily when you are cleaning them.
  • Spray water on the surface.
  • Using a sponge and detergent water to clean the dust.
  • Properly grease the Bearings

With time, the part of shutters can get rusted. To prevent this problem you should grease them properly every year. Additionally, it also makes the rolling mechanism smooth and the shutter will operate properly.

    • Use them with care

Mishandling of the shutter will damage them. So it is advised that you should close and open them properly and do not rush.

    • Do not use Harsh cleaner

To clean the shutters you should avoid the use of harsh cleaners which have any kind of bleach, solvents, or harsh chemicals. Also, you should not use scrubbing brushes, steel scrapers or any type of sharp object to remove dirt and dust. These things will affect the surface of the shutter.

    • Get them Polished

By mistake, it might happen that the surface of the shutter gets scratched or the paint gets chipped off. In this case, you should use methylated spirits. Rest of the area won’t get affected and grime will be removed properly. This way, the shutter will shine and look brand new.

If you are looking to get the shutter installed then you can contact our team of professional shopfitters in london. They will let you know everything in detail according to your requirement and need.



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