Roof design

Heat rises up from your home into the roof cavity, and at the same time, the sun beats down on your roof surface, heating it from above. For these reasons your roof plays a huge role in how well your home's climate is controlled. Learn more about roof design and how it affects your ability to passively heat and cool your home.

Heat retention and ventilation

Hot air rises - and for that reason, how you manage the area under your roof is vital to your home's climate control efficiency. Find out more about ventilation and controlling heat.

Roof insulation

Your roof is extremely important when it comes to insulation. Not only does the sun beat down on it all day, but it also helps prevent warmth from escaping in winter. Find out how to insulate your roof.

Eaves and shading

Having your eaves positioned properly will provide shade from harsh sun in summer, and at the same time allow precious sunlight in to warm your home in winter. Read more about how this works.

Roof colour and materials

Darker colours absorb heat - and some materials collect and store warmth while others reflect and dissipate it. Find out how to choose the right colours and materials for the best passive heating and cooling.