Roof regulations

Your home is supposed to provide you with a safe haven. Unfortunately, sometimes a building can become a threat in itself. Danger might come from your roof collapsing during a cyclone, or catching alight during a bushfire.

Some roof building materials are toxic and cause us to get sick, and poor ventilation can also be problematic. To help protect Australians from the dangers of their own homes, Australian governments have introduced building regulations as the situations have arisen to warrant them. If you're unsure what sort of rules and regulations apply to roofs in your area, check with your local council.

Roofs and cyclone codes

If you live in an area of Australia that's prone to cyclones, chances are that your home will need to be constructed to comply with the local cyclone code. Find out what this involves.

Roofs and bushfire codes

If you live in a bushfire prone area, your roof will need to meet special requirements in terms of the way it's constructed. Find out what this means for your home.

How to identify and deal with asbestos

If you're renovating an older home, there's a fair chance you'll come across asbestos. Because it's so dangerous, laws exist about how it should be handled, and by whom.

Chimney and flue height regulations

There are regulations that dictate where you can place a chimney, both in relation to your own roof and the roofs of neighbouring properties. Find out how this applies to your home.