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Hi there,
We're buying a townhouse in Melbourne, and the build is being managed by the vendor - not us.

We are getting a rooftop terrace, but we're not sure about the load/weight bearing requirements that we should expect. Is there an industry standard per square metre for example?

It's a small home, and we were hoping to put a spa on the rooftop terrace to really enjoy the space, but it seems that's a no go.


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Coralie Sneddon

Hi Coralie

To the best of my knowledge, the vendor should be able to liaise with builders (I am gathering that this is a new build currently in construction?) to find out what the load-bearing capacity of the space is.

If you have home dimensions, there are a number of online calculators to find out the load bearing capacity of a roof, but we would recommend engaging with an architect or engineer in order to get up-to-date facts and figures around standards. These may also vary from state to state, depending on the National Construction Code.

We hope this helps.

The Build Team