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Hi. Is a seller of glass doors required to ensure that they are safety glass compliant here in QLD? If not, is it legal for him to advertise them and sell them?

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Hi Wayne,

Here is some information from the Australian Glass and Window Association on the type of certification that window companies should provide in relation to product performance and compliance:
They include:
• Performance labels attached to windows. This is a requirement in housing as per AS 2047:2014.
• Compliance certificates. These should only be deemed acceptable if the company providing the certificate is a part of some type of accreditation scheme such as the AWA independent third party NATA accreditation scheme.
• Test reports should be requested if there is any doubt about the validity of labels or certificates supplied.
• Website listings can be a useful source of information to confirm if the company is a member of an industry association that has an accreditation scheme and audit program.
As regards the legalities around advertising and sales, we would recommend contacting your legal adviser for the most accurate advice.
We would always encourage people to consult the Australian Standard related to the product and use that as a guide for compliance. For further or more specific information, we'd recommend getting in touch with the Australian Glass and Window Association.

The Build Team.