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21 March 2017

Be brighter and save money at the same time! Today’s Energy-efficient globes have transformed lighting, but did you know that there are many other simple ways to reduce your energy bills. Here’s 8 of them.

1. Bring the lights down.

A room that is too bright, not only wastes electricity but doesn’t do the décor any favours. Make sure you choose a wattage that not only matches the purpose of the room, but also the atmosphere your looking to create. 


2. Don’t go light crazy!

It’s false economy to think trading a single incandescent globe for a row of low wattage globes is going to save you big bucks on the next electricity bill. The fact is the more lights you have, the more power you use.


3. Have more than 1 switch.

When installing new lighting into a large open-plan space, why not considering installing multiple switches to cover the different areas of the room. Why light the whole of the room, when your just sat in one corner.


4. Consider Dimmer Switches

If you are looking to reduce the amount of electricity a light uses, then maybe adding a dimmer switch is the solution. Adding a dimmer switch can increase the life of halogen downlights as well, but when buying bulbs make sure they will work with a dimmer switch

5. Use more Electric Lights

It’s much cheaper to have an electric lamp, than an overhead light. If you choose correctly, an electrical lamp will give more than enough light at a lower cost. Most big box home stores, have a great selection of lights which are just plug in and turn on. Too easy!


6. Security Lights

If you are installing a security lighting outdoors, it’s a good idea to buy lights that have built-in motion sensors or timers so they only operate when needed.  Some security lights even come with their own mobile phone apps.


7. Enjoy the Sun

We are pleased with sunshine in Australia, maybe not always in Victoria though. Why not light up your pathways with solar lamps with batteries.

8. Keep an eye on the time

The simplest way to save on your next power bill, is to not waste power

Make sure you unplug appliances and turn the lights when not in the room. To help you do this, consider using a timer to turn off fans and headers after a short period of time.

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