Securing a sustainable future

02 June 2022

Arden Homes has announced a new venture with RACV Solar that will ensure every Arden Aspire and Lumina home built in 2022 and beyond will have solar panel system installed by RACV Solar.

The solar panel system installed by RACV Solar will be included with every new build at no extra cost to Arden Homes customers – with RACV’s Emergency Home Assist also included as an additional benefit.

Arden Homes director, Dean Morrison, says the move to align with RACV was one that will ensure their customers can easily incorporate cleaner energy options into their new home.

“As a business that is striving to take an industry-leading position on sustainable homes, aligning with RACV Solar just makes a lot of sense for us, as well as our customers. We are proud to be the first Victorian volume builder to bring all-electric, carbon neutral homes to the general market.”

He adds: “More and more buyers want to be able to invest in clean energy options for a wide variety of reasons, but haven’t been able to do so without going way over their budget – that no longer has to be the case.”

In addition to being all-electric and carbon neutral, Arden Homes customers will also have the option to upgrade their system by adding battery storage, promising further cost savings as well as the added benefit of having back-up electricity during unexpected power outages.

“It’s really not until you move into an all-electric, battery-storage house that you understand the benefits of these features and the lifestyle they can provide,” Dean says.

RACV is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced solar energy providers and has been servicing Victorians in the home and on the road for more than 100 years.

RACV’s executive general manager for home and energy, Nicole Brasz, says Arden Homes customers could expect to benefit from reduced costs and the added security of RACV’s Emergency Home Assist.

“We’re very pleased to also provide Emergency Home Assist free of charge to Arden Homes customers, which will provide even more peace of mind.”

RACV’s Emergency Home Assist provides homeowners with 24-hour support and up to eight emergency callouts per year from experienced tradespeople – helping with unexpected mishaps that can happen around the home like broken windows, lockouts, blockages, blackouts and more. 

Nicole is confident that the future looks bright, for both Arden Homes customers and RACV members and customers.

“RACV is committed to building a portfolio of assets to contribute to the transition to a cleaner energy future and this includes our RACV Solar offering and that will now assist Arden Homes’ customers in making all-electric, carbon-neutral homes affordable and accessible to more Australians.”

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