Serious About Your Gaming? How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk For You

09 May 2020

Gaming is serious business and requires a serious gaming desk to help meet the demands of the game. But how to choose the best one for you? 

Your desk will be the foundation of your entire gaming station. So, much like selecting a desk for work, deciding on the perfect gaming desk requires the thoughtful consideration of a variety of factors to ensure comfort and productivity, or when it comes to gamers, victory. 

Gaming desks, like gamers themselves, come in all sizes, shapes, and configurations. They also come with very different price tags depending on the features. The right gaming desk for you will depend on your style, physical needs, and, of course, budget. 

How to find the desk that's best for you to ensure your best performance in the games you love? Here is a quick guide to help you make the best choice:

What space do you have available?

The space you have available in your gaming room is one of the most important factors to consider as you decide on the perfect gaming desk.

Consider all of the elements of your gaming lifestyle: monitor, or monitors, keyboard, gaming console and controllers, mouse, speakers, etc. It's essential, for best performance, that everything you need fits, or can be accessed, quickly and comfortably. 

As a first step, take the time to measure the space you have available in the room. Measure, too, the size (width and depth) of your monitor(s), desktop computer, console, tower, and other essential equipment so you know what your desk has to accommodate and whether it will require a larger surface area or additional storage.

Consider the layout of your space and the desk

Your ideal gaming desk will make the best use of space and will make the difference in those final critical moments between losing and victory.

The right gaming desk will provide comfort, functionality, and all the cool features you need to game at your best. Look for ample space and ergonomics to ensure comfort and efficiency no matter how many hours you play. There are a variety of desk configurations to choose from:

Standard desk: the most common, a standard desk is rectangular with a large surface area. Standard desks are typically multipurpose and budget-friendly. They're also versatile and can usually fit into just about any size or shape of room. 

Height-adjustable desk: sit or stand, as per your comfort and video gaming style. As the name suggests, a height-adjustable desk, or standing desk, lets you easily adjust the height for sitting or standing – great for gamers who tend to move as they play!

L-shaped desk: an L-shaped desk gives you two distinct gaming areas and allows you to spread out and give you ample space for multiple monitors and all of your essentials. They tend to offer a ton of storage, everything within easy arm's reach or the roll of your chair, and perfect for setting up in the corner of a room.

U-shaped desk: with endless surface area, a U-shaped desk is terrific for a multi-monitor setup and if you have a more extensive component setup. While great for a large gaming station, keep in mind that U-shaped desks are robust and take up a lot of floor space.

Be comfortable

Your comfort while gaming will mean the difference between success and the loss of valuable resources, and even lives — in your gaming world, that is! Your comfort impacts not only game performance but your physical wellbeing as well, making for a less enjoyable, sometimes even painful, gaming experience. 

Think ergonomics: create an environment that promotes the most optimal posture possible. Monitor height, tilt, and distance, chair height, and backrest and arm angle, among other factors, all contribute your comfort. Consider your gaming desk height – you should sit straight and upright rather than hunched, and your shoulders should be relaxed to avoid the risk of overuse injury. Your chair height – lowered or raised too much, and an awkward seated position could compromise your comfort and result in pain or injury.

For a quick estimate of the proper gaming desk and chair height for you, check out this free tool from Ergotron. Input your height and find out how high your gaming desk and chair should be to support good posture.

Managing clutter is key

Take into account all the additional components and clutter associated with your gaming station. Cords, cables, wires, and all related equipment – it needs to be managed to keep your gaming experience focused and at its best. 

Many dedicated computer desks, whether for work or gaming, have holes cut into the top to direct your cords and cables efficiently. How much storage do you need? Look for shelves and drawers to help store essentials as you keep your surface clutter-free.

Quality counts

The average amount of time per week spent gaming in the United States is seven hours or so – serious gamers are logging significantly more. The gaming desk you choose has to be strong and durable enough to withstand not just the hours spent gaming, but the energy and emotion that results from hours spent battling in a virtual world.

Wood, wood composite, and metal are probably the best choices of materials for a long-lasting and quality desk, but there are a range of options that vary in price.

Ultimately, the best gaming desk for you is the one that best fits your space, your gaming style, and your physical needs most comfortably. It should let you game freely and at your very best for hours on end as it keeps all of your essentials organized and within easy reach.