Set up your home video

Getting the right hardware is the first step to good home video. The next step is to make sure that everything's properly set up so that you're getting the best possible image quality from your display.

Read below to find out more about viewing angles, viewing distances and other aspects that you may need to consider when setting up your home video.

Viewing angles for TVs

Not all televisions are created equal in terms of the angle at which you can appreciate the picture. Learn more about viewing angles, and find out how best to position your TV.

What is my TV's ideal viewing distance?

The distance you sit from your television screen will play a big part in how good the picture looks. Too close and it'll look pixellated. Too far, and you'll lose precious detail.

How to calibrate your display

Just because your TV's connected properly, it doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best picture from it. Find out how to adjust your display's settings for the best picture.