Shake off the cold with a fire pit

12 May 2022

We’ve officially hit the time of year where the weather is cold, the rain is endless, and life feels grey and gloomy.

So, to heat things up a little, online boutique furniture store Luxo Living, has dropped a new range of fire pits to keep the good times rolling into winter, without letting the cold get in the way.

From providing physical warmth on chilly nights to casting a romantic glow onto any outdoor setting, fire pits do wonders for ambience. They successfully create an atmosphere of closeness, intimacy and brighten up the dark winter days.

If you’re not ready to bid goodbye to the days of lounging on your patio or backyard, you can continue the outdoor celebrations thanks to this range of trendy fire pits, that will fit in any home environment.

Here are the hottest fire pits to give you some extra warmth this winter.

The Nico 80cm Square Steel Outdoor Fire Pit in Natural Rustis the perfect way to make your outdoor space a multi-season hangout spot. This fire pit is an instant ambience enhancer and promises to spruce up the appeal of your backyard. The Nico fire pit comes with a drained hole at bottom for ample ventilation to let air flow for a consistent good fire and uses cast iron material for better heat conduction with a large burning capacity.

If you’re after a smaller fire pit that still boasts elements of luxury and cosy holiday retreats, the Codri 55cm Steel Outdoor Fire Pit in Natural Rustis the perfect backyard staple. This fire pit will fit in any patio, backyard, deck or garden and boasts a stunning and modern design to spruce up your entertainment area. The corten steel design allows the fire pit to withstand any weather changes and allows users to burn wood and charcoal for a generous and warm fire.

If you’re after a compact, luxe fire pit, the Jasper 60cm Steel Outdoor Fire Pit is the option for you. The MGO outer shell accompanied by durable stainless steel guarantees this fire pit will provide you with warmth for many cold seasons and comes with a steel poker allowing you to move the charcoal or wood with ease. With handles to make it portable and a BBQ cover feature for hosting celebrations, this fire pit will quickly become the best thing you invest in this winter.

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