Should You Choose Gloss or Matte Laminex Doors?

11 February 2019

Laminated doors have come a long way in recent years, and now it is possible to buy Laminex doors in a rainbow of colours, styles, and finishes. So, how do you decide if you should choose gloss or matte doors for your new kitchen? Here we’ll explore these finishes to help you make your purchase decision.

Choosing Your Laminex

When you start searching for your kitchen door options, it is a good idea to narrow down your selections to your three or four favourites with a wild card colour. You can look at these colours in different lighting to see how the colour and pattern can be interpreted. Just remember, that while Laminex is highly durable, any scratches will tend to be light in colour, so they are more visible on darker colours. So, if you do want to have a darker colour for your benchtops, try to look for a pattern that may disguise any signs of wear.

While it may seem silly to eliminate so many different options for your Laminex doors, by narrowing down your choices, you will be able to make the decision between matte or gloss finishes a little easier.

Gloss Finishes

The primary advantage of choosing high gloss laminate doors is that they will reflect the most light to create a bright and inviting finish. However, you will find that smudges and fingerprints are more visible, but they are easy to remove without needing any chemicals. High gloss can also act as a feature to create a luxurious aesthetic to your room that will complement a minimalist decor theme.

Matte Finishes

While many consider melamine doors to be only available in a gloss finish, this is simply not the case. In fact, Laminex doors are available in a vast choice of matte finishes. The benefits of a matte finish are that they are better suited to a traditional decor theme. While some consider matte to be “flat,” it can make marks and scratches less noticeable, making it an excellent choice for busy, family kitchens where small children may bang the doors with their toy truck, or clumsy teenagers are stomping around the room. Fortunately, matte laminate doors are available in a massive array of colors and patterns, creating abundant options.

Semi Gloss

If you still can’t decide whether you prefer a matte or gloss finish, there is a compromise with semi gloss. These satin like finishes provide the best of both worlds. Semi gloss laminate is not too dull or shiny, so there is a decreased risk of visible scratches, and it is not too dull or reflective. This provides a touch of luxury without creating a highly dramatic statement.

If you’re having difficulty choosing the right finish of laminated doors for your kitchen, The Kitchen Door Company is here to help. We offer a massive selection of Laminex doors in a variety of patterns and colours. Our team would be delighted to answer any of your questions to help you make the right choice for your new kitchen.

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