Shower and bath combinations

Bath and tub combinations 
A bath and shower combination may help to save space.

Shower and bath tub combination setups come in a huge variety of styles, and are a fantastic space saver for smaller bathrooms. There are a great many different ways tubs and showers can be united, and while they're not everyone's cup of tea, shower bath combos can be an attractive addition to just about any bathroom if done right.


How to decide if a bath/shower combination's right for you
There are a few questions you need to answer when deciding if you want a separate shower and bath or a combination:

Who will be using the bathroom? If the bathroom or the bathtub will be used infrequently (for example, if it's a 'spare' bathroom), then it can be a cost effective solution to install the shower over the bath. For the elderly or immobile though, getting in and out of a tub can be difficult and they may prefer a walk in shower.

What’s your budget like? With a shower and tub combination, you won’t need to pay for a separate recess, screen and drain, and it’s quite easy to install shower controls above existing bath taps. It also makes for easier cleaning, saving you time as well. Of course, some people just prefer to have a separate bath and shower stall.

How much room do you have? Many modern apartments, especially in bigger cities, don’t have the luxury of size or space and a shower and tub setup can ensure you don’t miss out on either. Remember, just because a bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, and in many cases installing a shower/tub combination will actually provide you with a more comfortable bathing space than a dedicated shower stall.



Finding the right style

Provided that you have the room to install a tub, there are countless different ways to configure, place and decorate. Placement of the shower head towards one end of the bath, for example, could allow you to install a partial glass screen, allowing you to dispense with the curtain altogether. There are even some specially designed combination shower and baths that allow part of the bath wall to open up, allowing one end to be walk-in like a shower. Provided that you're able to answer the questions above, finding the right combination of shower and bathtub is largely a matter of personal choice.