Shower maintenance

Cleaning your shower is a necessary evil. If you do it regularly, your shower will only need a light clean every time. If you leave it too long though, tougher problems may develop and you might find that you need to get rid of mould, battle with water film or even unblock the drain. A clean shower's a pleasure to use - a dirty one's a hygiene risk.

Cleaning a shower

How to clean a shower

Find out how to deal with stubborn water film on glass, how to clean a shower head and how to wash tiles to make your shower sparkle like it's new.

Mould and rust on taps

How to deal with mould and rust

Cleaning mould is not simply a matter of wiping it off and assuming the job's finished. Find out how to effectively clean rust stains and get rid of mould for good in your bathroom.

Unblocking a drain

How to unblock a drain

Blocked drains in your kitchen are no fun - but thankfully they're not too difficult to deal with. Read our guide on how to unblock a drain and save yourself from a watery disaster.