Silvertop Ash decking and pergolas

Silvertop Ash 
Silvertop Ash is an easy timber to work with, but needs to be treated to prevent termite infestation.
Image courtesy of WoodSolutions.

What is Silvertop Ash?

Silvertop Ash, also known as Coast Ash, is a tree that grows from mid-southern New South Wales all the way to Tasmania, sustainably grown and resourced. Its colouration ranges from a pale brown to a medium brown but always with a pinkish tint to the wood. The wood itself is full of features like gum veins and pencil streaks, though these don’t typically affect the structural stability of the board as they are fairly small in size.

Silvertop Ash is a hardwood so is very durable but still easy to tool and nail. It is, however, prone to splintering so care must be taken when nailing and sanding. Likewise, Silvertop Ash is not termite resistant, so all boards must be well treated before installation and regularly maintained.

Key properties 
  • Strong and durable hardwood, readily available and sustainably grown.
  • Colour ranges from pale to medium brown with a pinkish tint.
  • Easy timber to work with.

What Silvertop Ash used for?

Silvertop Ash can be used as decking and pergolas, and makes for a beautiful and relatively inexpensive choice in comparison to other native hardwoods. While a durable wood above ground, it would not be appropriate to use below ground.


  • Rich colouration, the pinkness of the wood highlighted easily with a clear finish.
  • Lots of timber features distinguish each board making your deck even more unique.
  • Durable, yet easy to work.
  • Not resistant to termites as many other Australian species are to a greater or lesser extent.
  • Prone to splintering which can make upkeep and installation troublesome.