Single wall kitchens

Single wall kitchens 
One wall kitchens are fairly basic in terms of their function, but can be enhanced with pull-out benchtops and the like.

What is a single wall kitchen?

Also known as a 'single line kitchen', 'pullman kitchen' or 'straight kitchen', a single wall kitchen is designed entirely along a single wall. Like the galley kitchen, single wall kitchens are almost exclusively used in apartments - particularly those that use open plan living areas and in which space is at an absolute premium.

A single wall kitchen layout means that all of the appliances, cooking utensils and work areas are within arm's reach at most times. The sink in the one wall kitchen generally sits between the oven and the refrigerator, and counter space is then placed on both sides of the oven.

Obviously, because the kitchen's limited along one single line, a conventional kitchen work triangle isn't possible unless the refrigerator is placed on another wall nearby.

There is not much room for food preparation in a one-wall kitchen, and in most cases these kitchens are very much designed for a single cook. Because space is so precious in a single wall kitchen, smaller space-saving appliances and fittings are often favoured. Likewise, things like hanging dishracks, wall-mounted knife magnets and other measures to take advantage of vertical space are also popular.


When is a single wall kitchen the best choice?


Single-wall kitchens are best for small apartments where space is extremely limited. They're not ideal for much more than basic cooking, and will be a challenge for more than one person to use at any given time.

Single wall kitchens are the best choice when cooking and entertaining are a fairly low priority, and in areas where a dedicated kitchen area would otherwise be impractical.


Tips for single wall kitchens

For a better design aesthetic, one wall kitchen areas can be hidden behind sliding doors, if the layout allows for it. Best to check with you designer to find out whether doors can be installed, and how they'll suit the area.

If you have the space for it, a moveable island or retractable benches will make a big difference to how effectively you're able to work in a single wall kitchen, although even these may be a tight fit. A proper kitchen island can be used to add much needed storage and workspace to a single wall kitchen (effectively converting it into a kind of galley kitchen), as well as providing a built-in breakfast bar type dining area.