Site costings for H1 soil type

Hello, I am building a house and got the site costing from the builder.

I am a bit surprised and not convinced with the costing. Considering the site is Class H which is leveled, filled and compacted as per required standards, the builder gave $19,281.95 site costing.

Initial soil test results came with Type P soil as there was no compaction certificate at the time of testing otherwise it is classified as H1 if there is compaction certificate. So, I got the compaction certificate from the land seller and gave it to builder. However, I have a feeling that the site costing is done on the basis of Type P soil with no compaction certificate.

Is there a way I can get the attached site costings checked with a third party whether it is estimated based on Type P soil type or Type H1 soil type?

Please advise. Regards.

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Anand Sid

Hi Yogananda,

I'm afraid we're unable to check the site costings for you.

When hiring a builder or building company, it advisable to get at least three quotes to compare. In this situation, you may also want to consult a structural engineer concerning building on a P Class site.

The BUILD Team