Skillion roof

Skillion roof 
Skillion roofs consist of a single, significantly angled surface to allow runoff.

What is a skillion roof?

Hip roofs and gabled roofs have at least two sloping sides which meet towards the centre of a building in a ridge or peak. The skillion roof is somewhat different, in that it only has one single flat surface. A skillion roof is different from a standard flat roof though - it has a steeper and more noticeable pitch. In Australia, a skillion roof is also commonly called a 'shed roof'.


Why install a skillion roof?

Skillion roofs are often installed because they are cheap, easy and fast to construct. Another reason they're installed is that they don't suffer from the drainage problems encountered by less steeply pitched roofs.

The skillion roof was once consigned mainly to sheds and other industrial buildings. It is also common to see building extensions finished with skillion roofs. More recently, the skillion roof has gained popularity in Australia as a design feature in its own right, evoking rural and industrial themes.



What are the different types of skillion roofs?

Variations on the skillion roof include circular or oval-shaped designs, and the butterfly roof. A butterfly roof has two skillions which angle down towards the centre. This design is a particularly effective way to trap water, which is a big advantage for houses where collecting rainwater is a priority.


What materials are used in a skillion roof?

Skillion roofs tend to be fairly steeply pitched, which allows water to run off more effectively than on flatter roofs. Roofs with good drainage require a less tightly sealed building envelope. For this reason, the rubber skins or roofing membranes that are necessary on flat or low pitched roofs may be done away with.

Skillion roofs generally have an industrial/minimalist look, which often leads to a choice of more streamlined roofing materials. Such finishes might include metal rather than tiles, for example, which have a more traditional and elaborately decorative look. Skillion roofs, if positioned correctly, may also offer a large surface for solar panel installations.


  • Economical, fast and simple construction
  • Can be used to roof an extension
  • Strong design element
  • Allows water drainage
  • Can result in ceiling height being too low if pitch is too steep