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We have just built a new house. Our back entry is two big sliding doors which measure 3600 x 2400 in size each. It has three double glazing glass panels each side. It is very heavy to operate. However it has only one set of handle on only one side. We are struggling to operate them especially the three panels without any handle to grip or hold.

However the supplier claim that it is the market standard that it have only one handle on one side of the doors disregards how big the doors are.

It is a serious safety concern for me as in case of emergency like fire there is a very high risk of us not able to escape the house in time as the doors are so very difficult to open. It is also an OHS issues trying to operate these big heavy doors.

Is there an Australian Standard cover these entry door requirements?

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Salyn Loh

Hello Salyn,

AS2047-2014 Windows and External Glazed Doors in Buildings specifies operating force requirements for sliding doors.

However the values are quiet conservative therefore there is a chance the sliding doors may meet standard.

You can ask the manufacturer if they meet the standard as the test is quiet simple to undertake. Another avenue you may want to try is to ask the manufacturer if the product is fit for purpose.

The force requirements are listed below.