Solar Hot Water Unit installation inside house

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We are in the design stage of building our house and want to install the hot water service in the laundry inside a cupboard. Is this allowed in Victoria Australia?


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Hi Joanne,

We contacted Jon Palfrey from Rheem Australia regarding to your enquiry and he had the following response:

Locating a gas or electric water heater in a laundry cupboard is permissible in Victoria and was a popular choice of position for many years.

The system, if it’s a mains pressure storage tank, will need to be positioned on a safe tray and have the associated flood stop valve installed to avoid property damage should the cylinder leak excessively.

A gas mains pressure storage water heater will also need to be flued to outside atmosphere via a secondary flue and also requires fixed ventilation to be provided in the cupboard door or the adjoining external wall for safe and correct combustion.

If the water heater is to be a gas continuous flow type, the flue will be co-axial which draws air from within the flue and fixed ventilation is not required.

Most importantly, make sure that the installing plumber completes the installation and commissioning procedure as per manufactures installation instructions, and Australian Standards AS3500.4 and AS5601.

Please contact me at [email protected] anytime if you need assistance in a size/type recommendation based on expected usage patterns, system benefits and user expectations etc.

We hope this helps!

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