Special doors


Whether it’s for a home theatre to let your dog come and go as he or she pleases, there are all kinds of non-standard doors that you may like to have installed for various reasons. Some doors you may never have encountered before, while others will be familiar to you already. Applying the right door to the right purpose will ensure that it's functional and safe.

Dog doors, cat flaps and pet doors

Often it makes sense to attach a small door to your home, not only for your pet's convenience, but also to save you the trouble of letting then in and out. Find out more about dog doors and cat flaps.


These doors, which open either down through the floor or up through the ceiling, are most commonly used for access to basements and ceiling space.

Self-closing door mechanisms

Certain devices and technologies are available to ensure that doors automatically close themselves, either for security's sake or to help control accidental heat loss or gain.

Soft closing door mechanisms or door checks

Not only can slamming doors be loud and intrusive, but it can also cause damage to the door hardware. Find out how soft closing door mechanisms work to prevent this.

Acoustic doors

In some places - particularly in home theatre setups or near busy roads, acoustic doors can help to reduce the amount of noise that's allowed through a doorway.

Subfloor access doors

If a house is build on stumps, it will need a small door to allow access to the area under the floor. These doors are typically quite simple and unobtrusive.