Splashback costs and prices

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Choosing the right materials and taking care of some of the labour yourself will help to keep your costs under control.

When you're shopping around for splashbacks, will need to be aware that there are many variables that can affect the cost. The following are factors that may impact the price you pay:



No surprises here - the materials you choose are going to be the biggest factor in terms of cost. Tile and acrylic are the most affordable options. Tile in particular is offered in so many different styles and options that it can be made to suit just about any budget. Glass and stainless steel are more expensive most of the time.


Pre-cut vs. custom

If you're able to use a standard-sized splashback, it's likely to help you save on costs. Having a splashback customised to suit your needs, complete with penetrations and odd shapes, will increase your costs. Depending on the materials and requirements, bespoke designs may cost you thousands.


Height and width


This is fairly straightforward - the more materials and labour required, the more expensive your splashback will be.


Cut outs and customisations

Having other things installed - for example holes for power points and switches - will add to your costs with most single-piece splashbacks. LED lighting can also be used with glass and acrylic splashbacks, but of course this too comes at a price.