Stop Dangerous Pests from Destroying Your Home

23 August 2019

Pests can make your beloved home feel like a dangerous, unwelcoming place for your family. Pest controllers in Melbourne have seen some pretty incredible things in the homes and buildings around the city.

Creeping, crawling invaders can cause structural damage to homes and create big messes. What’s more, they can actually pose dangers for humans and pets. If you suspect that your home has an ant, spider, cockroach or mouse problem, it is essential that you take actions to protect your property from structural damage and potential health hazards.

There are some important steps you can take right now to keep your family safe here in Melbourne. Take a look at a list of helpful tips for handling bug and vermin removal before your home becomes a playground for unwanted pests. Of course, it's important to call in qualified pest controllers Melbourne residents trust if keeping your home safe is important to you.

Locate Vulnerable Entrances

You’d be surprised by just how quickly infestations can get out of hand. Bugs often sneak in and create nests and colonies before the owner of a home even notices something is wrong.

If pests are getting inside your home, you need to cut them off at the source. You might say that the type of cockroach pest control Melbourne homes need begins with a little bit of detective work. Inspect your home’s exterior for gaps that may be big enough for intruders to enter through. You can get a good view of the underside of your siding using a mirror. Be sure to mark all gaps with masking tape for sealing.

Check Your Dryer Vent

Your home’s dryer vent may be serving as a revolving door for pests of all sizes. It is important to make sure the vent’s damper isn’t broken or open.

If you suspect that spiders or other insects have invaded using a breached vent, it’s important to call in a team that offers spider control Melbourne residents count on to eliminate dangerous pests.


Caulk is actually one of the cheapest and easiest ways to prevent dangerous pests from entering your home. You can fill in gaps between your home’s trim and siding using basic acrylic latex caulk. Be sure to smooth over the caulk with your gloved fingers before allowing it to dry.

Remove Moisture

Moisture is dangerous because it attracts a variety of pests. It is important to keep moist soil as far away from your home’s exterior as possible.

If you have mulch in your yard, make an effort to turn it as often as possible to reduce moisture levels.

Reduce Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

Whenever you see a spider, ant or cockroach roaming around your home, there’s a good chance it originated from a moist area in your basement. High humidity levels in basements create perfect environments for insects and bugs to thrive in.

Put Lids on Food Containers

Pet food is actually one of the main culprits that draw in unwanted intruders. If you have a cat or dog, it is essential that you securely seal the pet food containers in your home. A lidded metal trash can is an ideal container for pet food because mice are not able to crawl up slick surfaces.

A sealed plastic container will also keep out most intruders. It is also important to make sure you properly store away your own food. Open containers and crumbs in kitchens are two of the biggest reasons why people end up needing the intensive options for spider control Melbourne companies offer.

Look for Droppings

Sometimes you have to be a detective if you want to keep your home free from ant colonies, spider webs, cockroaches and mice. It is important to periodically check your garage and basement for droppings.

If you spot droppings, it’s very important to act quickly before pets multiply.

Know When to Call the Experts

If your home is experiencing an infestation, it's essential to seek out the professional level of ant, wasp, mouse or cockroach pest control Melbourne homes need to stay safe. Many people put off seeking professional assistance because they erroneously think they can nip an infestation in the bud.

However, many do-it-yourself techniques can actually create a false sense of security and leave homes more vulnerable to infestations than ever before. It is crucial that you seek out the calculated, proven methods that can only be provided by a team of pest controllers Melbourne residents have trusted for years to eradicate unwanted intruders of the creepy, crawly variety.

Protech Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies specialising in providing safe and reliable pest control services to home and businesses across Melbourne.


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