Storage for tools and materials

Storage for tools and materials 
Proper lock-up storage is essential for expensive construction tools.

Theft is a big problem in the construction industry – particularly the theft of tools and construction equipment. Good quality construction equipment is normally really expensive, and pretty easy to conceal once it’s stolen.

Likewise, building materials left out in the open on construction sites also have the potential to be removed late at night by opportunistic thieves.

Many tradespeople have heavy duty lockable compartments on their utes or vans to store tools in, but sometimes it’s more practical to leave large equipment on site. To keep things secure and to make sure they don’t get ruined by rain or bad weather, builders will often use a special lock-up container on the site.


Shipping containers and lock up storage boxes

Perhaps the most practical and common way to keep tools and materials safe on a building site is to lock them safely away inside a shipping container. These containers come in all shapes and sizes to suit just about any site, and can be can be hired or bought and delivered directly to the site as they’re needed.


Some shipping containers are customised with special racks to store piping and other lengthy materials. Smaller lock-up storage boxes are also available, and come customised for all kinds of purposes and needs.


Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods

To reduce the risk of an accident, special containers are required to store hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods in. This includes things like gas tanks or corrosive chemicals.

These types of containers typically have special provisions for things like natural ventilation, special compartments, electrical earthing, and warning signs. These types of containers are normally made specifically so that they conform to the Australian regulations that determine how these sorts of dangerous materials should be stored.