Strata Painting Sydney: What Is It And How They Can Help You?

28 October 2022

When it comes to market value, strata painting goes a long way in terms of lasting impressions. A book cannot be judged solely by its cover, but a building can be judged solely by its exterior. Most condos have the same appearance. Your complex has a better chance of selling for a higher cost if it stands out.

Curb appeal is critical for real estate success. Professional services of strata painters Sydney always ensure that your complex not only looks good but also ages gracefully. As a result, these services improve the overall project's long-term viability. Interior projects may include ceiling and drywall repairs, for example. Exterior projects, on the other hand, may include specialized paint that resists rust, as well as other weatherproofing measures.

Strata painting is a complicated process that entails much more than simply painting the side of your building. Here, we'll discuss the significance of strata painting and how it can improve the appeal of your place.

What Is Strata Painting?

Strata painters are in the business of assisting you in keeping the exterior of your building in good condition and looking its best for your customers. Office and commercial buildings, government and educational facilities, and retail shopping centers are common types of businesses that seek these types of painting services.

In layman's terms, strata work is the upkeep of a large commercial building's painting. This could include:

  • Graffiti removal and stain prevention
  • High-pressure washing to remove potentially hazardous materials
  • Application of all coatings and waterproof membranes
  • Interior areas
  • Management and removal of lead and asbestos paint

Why Should You Hire Strata Painters?

Image is everything in business, no matter what. When clients arrive at your place of business, you want them to see a professional, well-kept, and visually appealing structure. This promotes trust. It's critical for establishing your company's legitimacy. It has a favorable effect on the customer. So, with all of this in play, what is the point of strata painting?

Your Paint Will Last Longer

While the cost of professional strata painting Sydney job may appear prohibitively high, its longevity more than compensates. Deep cleaning is the first step in strata painting. Before the job begins, all dust, grime, and dirt are removed. After painting, it is sealed with waterproof film and other coatings. This helps to protect your paint job from UV rays and water leaks, keeping your exterior looking new for much longer.

You Will Save Both Money and Time

Would you rather make a one-time investment or pay for painting and maintenance every few years? While no paint job lasts longer, an appropriate strata painting job will outlast any commercial painting job by years. Competent strata painters will also include aftercare and maintenance as part of their package. The end result? Repair work, touch-ups, and repainting take up less time. Overall, less money is spent.

You Can Protect Your Building

Regular maintenance of any kind is necessary for the longevity of a building, including strata painting. We mean every year when we say "regularly." Think again if you believe this is an unnecessary expense. A fresh coat of paint will provide additional protection against the elements, moisture, and pests. The strata painters will also inspect the metal surfaces for cracks and corrosion, as well as the wooden surfaces for UV, fungus, and rot protection.

You Can Achieve a Unique, Fresh Look

You can maintain a consistent look for your buildings by applying a fresh coat of paint and hiring strata painting services. Instead of the old, weathered appearance of the façade, you can add a color blend and create a unique color scheme to keep the building in style. People will appreciate the new look, and you will undoubtedly attract more renters or buyers.

You Can Benefit From Other Services

You will not need to offer anything if you hire professional strata painting Sydney; they will take care of the scaffolding and curb protection; all you need to do is provide your preferences for the colors they will use. As a result, instead of focusing on the cost, consider the benefits. Professional strata painters understand their trade, and using their services will ultimately save you money.


Professional strata services include much more than simply painting the outside of the building. More importantly, quality strata painting contractors typically offer additional services such as repairing driveways and cracked concrete, power-washing of exterior areas, a fresh coat of paint on parking lot lines, and much more.

If your building appears to be run down or in need of upgrades, painting could be a good place to start. If you contact Clear Finish Painting and get a quote, you can get many more advantages that will transform the way you and others look at your building.