Think local when planning a renovation

26 May 2020

Australian company Boral is encouraging people undertaking building works to shop local in order to support Australian businesses and communities.

Boral has a number of products, from timber flooring to roof tiles, that are manufactured locally and are ideal for interior and exterior styles.

Timber flooring is ever popular.

Natural indoor style

Timber flooring is a feature addition to any home that imbues a sense of warmth and welcoming. Boral Timber’s new 600 x 120mm Grande parquetry range is ideal for making a statement and creating an artistic feel in homes, especially in living and dining areas as the boards can be laid in unique patterns and designs.

Parquetry is durable and less susceptible to gapping or movement because of the way it is laid. As a building material, timber is a good choice because it is a natural and renewable resource. Boral Parquetry is Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certified, providing peace of mind that the timber is sourced from sustainably managed and legal forestry.

The boards are manufactured in Australia, supporting local regional communities.

Ceramic tiles are here to stay.

Curb appeal

Many home design trends fade as quickly as they emerge, but the Australian homeowner’s penchant for ceramic roof tiles is here to stay.

The elegant, flat line of Boral’s Designer Ceramic Shingle™ range make it the perfect complement to a wide range of environments and architectural styles. All Boral roof tiles are 100 per cent Australian made which supports local industry while also ensuring better availability and building timeframes compared to using internationally sourced materials.

Ceramic roof tiles additionally offer exceptional acoustic performance, as the higher density helps to reduce external sound such as aircraft and road noise, as well as rain and hail. Kiln fired to 1100 degrees, colour is well and truly locked in and the tiles are supplied with a 60 year guarantee to provide homeowners with lasting confidence.

Timber decking is welcoming and durable.

Outdoor living

A timber deck will instil any home with an approachable feel and connection with its natural surroundings. Boral Timber decking timbers are Australian hardwood species, which are extremely durable.

Australian hardwoods can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, humidity, wind, salt and intense heat. Some species, such as Blackbutt and Spotted Gum, are bushfire resistant, with Blackbutt additionally offering termite resistant qualities which are ideal for Australian conditions.

All Boral Timber decking boards can be used in a variety of applications, including vertical design elements such as screens, seating, gates and fences. Boral decking is seasoned to ensure it is at its optimum hardness, stability and length of service life.

Boral Timber’s robust 600 SERIES 22mm decking, available in Spotted Gum, is thicker and wider than other boards for a durable deck that will last for years to come.